The charities I have chosen to support are:

The Mabel Foundation is driven by a determination to end period poverty in an ecologically-friendly and sustainable way. By providing reusable period management solutions, spearheading a menstrual education program, and gathering and analysing the resulting data, our goal is to keep girls in school, debunk menstrual myths and taboos, and empower people to reach their full potential. 

By 2035, Mabel aims to see the end of period poverty by helping to ensure all girls and women, particularly in Africa, are educated on menstrual health management.

Mabel employs a multidisciplinary approach to menstrual hygiene management, built on teaching communities how to sew reusable pads, which go into the Mabel kit. Materials are sourced locally and sold regionally, creating micro-enterprises for women who engage with the programme. Mabel also partners with period underwear companies such as The Period Company, delivering a long-term, sustainable option for school-aged girls. Education is the critical through-line of this work, regardless of product choice. By teaching all genders about menstruation, Mabel seeks to end stigmatisation. 

Mabel wants to see the menstrual cycle celebrated!

The Women’s Fund provides grassroots funding to charitable projects and is often the sole supporter.

The fund is managed by Shona Blakeley who is an expert in making grants to projects across Scotland that support women’s development.

I have chosen to partner with the Women’s Fund Scotland as the charity helps a diverse range of grassroots projects that greatly benefit the communities in which we live and work. There are over 500 projects supported by the Charity across Scotland and at any given time you are no more than 50miles from a funded project.

The Polar Academy is now internationally recognised as an organisation which really delivers true life changing opportunities to the children and families who need it the most.

The training is unapologetically demanding with the goals set often being beyond what most can dream of – our children always succeed.

The Polar Academy, was founded by Craig Mathieson, Explorer In Residence at the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and committee member of The Explorers’ Club Great Britain & Ireland Chapter. Craig is passionate about inspiring the next generation of leaders and explorers and using his own experience of ‘inspiration through exploration’ to do so.