Kimberly’s why…

Who am I?

I think of myself as an average, every day woman, with all the responsibilities that come with that and sometimes these can seem overwhelming.

Why do I want to row the Atlantic?

I asked myself the same searching question, “why do I want to do this?”
The simple and straight forward answer is, that I want to know if I can…

Recently I suffered the loss of someone very important to me and this made me completely re-evaluate what I want from my life and who I am. Consequently I completely changed my outlook and direction and reshaped my future to have a career in the outdoors.

The reasons for this redirection lie not only with the grief I suffer, but deep within my own mental health and how it made me appreciate the value and benefits of the outdoors in our overall well-being. I want to row the Atlantic, because if a simple walk in the park, a climb up a hill or wild swim can bring a positive swing in my mood and motivate me, then what will this challenge give to me. ☺️

I can’t wait to find out who I might become and how it will make me feel, but most importantly and this is the part than means the most, if I can inspire, encourage or empower just one other person to get up, take control and make the first steps towards changes for a positive and better future, then it was all worthwhile! ❤️