Who am and why do I want to row the Atlantic?

So that is the first thing that everyone asks me when I tell them that I have signed up to the TWAC in 2023.  Why? Why would I want to row 3000 nautical miles across an ocean with 3 women I barely know? Why does anyone ever do crazy things?  My answer is always…. Well, why not? My husband thinks I am doing it to get some what of a decent sleep.  I have been blessed with 2 beautiful sons, unfortunately both are sleep dodgers so a couple hours sleep between rowing shifts is more that I get at home.  That and the lengths a girl will go to for an island holiday, right?

The truth is that there are 2 reasons for doing this, the first one is for me.  I have a milestone birthday this year.  Yip it is the big 4-0 (I believe that makes me the baby of the crew) and I am realising that my youth has passed and I have middle and old age to look forward to.  And I really want to make it count.  I’m not a grey area kind of girl, so when I decide to do something it is usually pretty epic.  There is no worse thought  than that of living a life unlived.  So when this opportunity presented itself it look me less that 5 seconds to make a decision.  Looking back over the decades of my adult life my 20’s were pretty hedonistic (quite glad that I survived them to be honest), my 30’s were unbelievably stressful (a masters degree, having 2 babies – one of which was a pretty traumatic birth experience, parenting, starting a business, buying a business, moving country twice, moving house 10 times). I am now really excited to turn 40, and I can not wait to see what it has in store for me.  To push myself in healthy ways, both physically and mentally, to see the limits I can go to, to row across an ocean (maybe several times), to live life, and to leave a legacy that I am proud of. 

The second reason is for women of the world who think they can’t.  If I can do this, you can do anything.  I have always been really lucky to have amazing women role models in my life.  Women who inspire me to be the best version of myself.  I have never had to doubt my place in the world based on my gender.  I have never felt discriminated against because I am a woman.  I have been very fortunate have a good education and equal opportunities in my work life, however this is very much not the case for far too many women and millions of women around the world face gender inequality in their daily lives.  I am so proud to be one of 4 women rowing across the Atlantic to raise money and awareness in the support of other women.  The charities we have chosen to support epitomise our mission to empower women, and I am proud to put all my energy behind every stroke I do in the support of the Women’s Fund Scotland and the Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit.