Who am I?

I was born in Canada and grew up in a small coal mining town, Sparwood, BC. I was a very shy kid, but was lucky to have sport and outdoor activities to help build my confidence. My mom worked at the Ski Hill in Fernie and that also became my community. With the freedom to explore the mountains my confidence grew as did my desire for adventure. Some of my adventures include mushing a team of huskies across the Scandinavian Arctic, trekking to Everest Base Camp, learning to multi pitch alpine climb in the French Alps, trekking 300km of The Great Wall of China, skydiving, & bungee jumping.

Why do I want to row the Atlantic?

Because I love adventure, the ocean and a challenge. Each adventure offers an opportunity to feel strong both physically and mentally, a chance to connect to something greater. A chance to remember the basic connection to our planet and the universe. 
But most of all, I want to inspire girls and women everywhere to believe that anything is possible, you just need to have the confidence to take that first step towards your dreams and live your adventure!